I have always had a huge respect towards the finality of tattoos. Having a tattoo, well, it is a decision that literally marks you. For life. It is a big responsibility, quite flattering and a bit scary to be able to have a part in changing the world – one tattoo a time.”

I have been tattooing professionally since 2012. Most of the tattoos I do are realistic. I work in black and grey as well as in color. Important to me is that the tattoo is well planned, it fits to the area and is balanced in every way. The details make the difference.

I have had the pleasure to concentrate on bigger projects lately but I do enjoy creating smaller tattoos as well. I also like to do script tattoos and to combine elements from different styles. 

I always try to add “that little something extra” on the tattoos I do, to make them special for the customer. For me, custom design means creating something that combines the customer’s idea and the view of an artist in an unique way – and that no one else has that same design.

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