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Welcome to read the Rebel of Everyday blog! In this post I’ll tell you what my blog is all about.

My name is Titta and I am living in Tampere, Finland. I was born and raised in a small place called Salla in the Finnish Lapland. I moved to Tampere in 2012 after exploring the world and have been tattooing professionally since. Now, in 2019, I am a co-owner in Below Zero Tattoo Gallery. In addition to tattooing, my life is filled with traveling and different creative projects.

In this blog I am contemplating the life of an entrepreneur in the creative field of business from my personal point of view. What challenges are there and how to overcome them? How on earth can one be creative 24/7? Why is it so fulfilling to work in a creative industry?

Photo by Charles Lemaire Photography 2017

The ”Free Bird” in my name traces back to my first own tattoo shop. The opening of Free Bird Tattoo in 2012 is still one of the most important events on my career. It was my first born and I learned a lot about being a business owner.

Naturally, there will be some thoughts about tattooing in the blog. I will tell what happens at tattoo conventions, how to choose the right artist and what it is like to be a tattoo artist. In addition to the practical side, I will give some insights about what tattoos mean to me. I hope I will have some colleagues to guest write as well!

I am also the founder of Rock’n’Tits. It is an on-going photography project that we started with photographer Katri Kallio in 2014. The core idea is to create photos with attitude and raise conversation about current and important topics. With kick-ass girl power!

I will talk about motives behind the pictures, tell a bit about the making of process and publish some unseen content. In this blog I will also reveal what the future is holding for us.

I travel quite a lot on behalf of both work and leisure. One of my favourite moments is when I am on the road, let’s say, alone in the train. It feels like I am nowhere – I’ve already left but not there yet. It is almost as my brain works differently when I am traveling.

So, I will also write about my work trips, interesting people and other adventures. This will not be a travel blog but because moving from place to place is so common in my everyday life, I feel it is certainly a topic not to ignore.

The name ”Rebel of the Everyday” comes from an idea that we all are unique even though living in the same world. We all have dreams and goals as well as some downs in our lives. I feel that dreams should be pursued and challenges to be fought against.

I would be more than happy if my texts could inspire YOU to go after your goals! This world needs more positivity and good vibes. I believe that everyone of us is a rebel of the everyday.

Thank you for taking time to read my introduction. Welcome to read more about the Rebel of the Everyday!

Would you like to know more on a specific topic? You can comment, send DM on Instagram or write me an e-mail! Feel free to share!

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