Photography Project: Face for Loneliness

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Face for Loneliness is the fifth photography project by Rock’n’Tits.

The aim of the project is to raise conversation about loneliness in our society. We want to encourage people to prevent the unwanted solitude around us by small actions in the everyday life. Saying hello to the person next to you in the bus, calling a friend you haven’t heard from a while or just smiling to a stranger in a grocery store – these can make a huge different in someone’s day.

The opening of the photography exhibition will be on Saturday 12th of October at Below Zero Tattoo Gallery (Aleksanterinkatu 26, Tampere). The exhibition will be displayed until the end of the year.

The theme of this project is very important to me and I am sure it touches many others as well. I have felt myself as an outsider since I was little. It wasn’t really about lack of people around me but more not fitting to any box. I have many friends, our family is big and I am close with my parents and sisters. Yet I do feel alone.

I have lived in many locations in three different countries. The distance between the closest ones and familiar places boosted the feeling of solitude. I have lived in Tampere almost eight years now and still I feel I don’t quite belong. I could describe it longing for something. That being said, the opposite for loneliness in my case could be belonging to something.

Reasons for feeling lonely are many. I do understand that I cannot find the absolute fix to stop it. Though, I am willing to try to reduce it. And I hope that you will help me with that.

Face for Loneliness wants to remind that we can never know from outside what is the full story behind a person. But we sure can do something about spreading positivity to our environment. Loneliness can occur in all age classes no matter which professional position one has. Let’s change the culture of silence and start communicating with each other!


In addition to the photography project itself Rock’n’Tits launches a social media campaign #FACEFORLONELINESS. The campaign starts today, the 1st of October and continues the whole month. The idea is to tell real life stories and brake the taboo of not talking about loneliness. We’ve all been there.

There were two photo shoot days last month during which volunteers could have their pictures taken. Anyone who had felt loneliness could give their face for loneliness. The participants wrote down some thoughts about loneliness and we will post them together with their photos in Rock’n’Tits social profiles on Facebook and Instagram. We also asked tips how to help the situation and will share them as well. For anyone who couldn’t make it to Tampere during the photo shoot days there was a possibility to share written stories.

Charity for Osviitta Crisis Center

There will be an optional entrance fee at the opening of the exhibition. The funds will be given straight to Osviitta Crisis Center. We feel that it is super important to support your local area and Osviitta is a perfect match in this project against loneliness!

Osviitta is a place where anyone in need of support can go. They have trained volunteers and staff who will listen to you and support you with difficult situations in life. Visiting Osviitta is free of charge, confidential and there is conversation help in English. The wait is short and you can remain anonymous if you want. Check out their webpage for more information.

Take part in the campaign against loneliness

If you are interested in taking actions against loneliness you are more than welcomed to join the campaign! You can share your selfie on your personal profile and add #faceforloneliness. You can write some thoughts about loneliness, tag friends you miss or give some tips how to share positivity – totally up to you!

If you are more of a writer, you can also send short story to us. Texts will be shared during October. Please mention your age and alias (real name or not). You can also comment the post and share it.

Follow the campaign: @rockntits

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